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Adult Foster Family Care

When most people think about foster care they think of foster kids.

Since 2003, The Lutheran Care Center at Concord Village has successfully built on this concept of the extended family providing foster care for elderly and disabled adults.

Think of the benefits for everyone! Older folks and adults with disabilities enjoy a home with a caring family. Families enjoy the benefit of having a foster adult or grandparent to share moments and life together.

What is Foster Family Care?

It’s a home-centered alternative to residential care.

Foster Family Care matches elderly or disabled adult clients with families who share their homes and provide personal care for the client in the stimulating and nourishing environment of family life.

The program is ideal for elderly or disabled adults who do not need total care, but do require 24 hour supervision and cannot get that care at home. For qualified clients, Foster Care is an alternative to residential or nursing home care.

For many it provides a cost-effective way to stay in the community and engage in the activities of daily living.

Foster Families and their homes are carefully screened for suitability and family members are thoroughly trained in the needs of clients before being accepted into the program. Compatibility between the client and Foster Family is paramount in making the match.

Caregivers receive payment for providing room and board and personal care services, and enjoy the many personal satisfactions of living alongside an older uniquely experienced person. Foster Family Care affords both clients and caregiver families the opportunity for fuller, richer lives.

We accept:

- Social Security

- SSI (Supplemental Security Income

- MedicaidPay

- Private Resources